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Our services cover Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

What Is Event Footfall Analytic?

Understanding Traffic

Knowing.. how many visitors a brand has, how many passersby at each store,

exactly what time customers enter, the duration of their stay, and how many loyal returning customers brands has.

How Do We Track What Works?

Step 1

After easy installation of sensors, overall traffic flow of different areas will be captured

Step 2

Raw data will be sent to process

Step 3

Data will be analysed and presented with various useful insights to assist in keeping track of store performance.

Traffic Analytic

The Immediate View Of Location

Read Into Engagement Levels

Compare Different Areas On Important Metrics

Keep Track And Score Marketing Campaigns

Custom Shopper Traffic Flow

Custom Reporting

Easily Create Reports / Questions

Share Reports / Questions With Everyone

Build Aggregated Dashboards

Schedule Reporting Direct To Email